Can You Wear Shapewear Under White Clothes? Choosing The Right Option

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If you are fond of clothes, you would know that having a good white outfit is a must-have. It looks clean and crisp, which means you can use it for formal as well as regular use. However, this color can be extremely unforgiving. This means that your body’s bumps will be visible. For this reason, it’s important to use shapewear.

You can get the best slimming bodysuits to achieve a smooth body appearance. However, many women don’t wear it because they are tired of it showing under the clothes. So, with this article, we are sharing some options from Feelingirl as well as some styling tips.

Why Shapewear Matters Under White

When it comes to wearing your regular undergarments, they can create panty lines and your weight bulk will harm the appearance. However, wearing the shapewear will achieve a smooth look. That’s because it can do the following:
  • Tame Tummy: Shapewear gently compresses your midsection, smoothing away bulges and creating a flatter stomach.
  • Show Off Your Curves: Shapewear can accentuate your natural curves while minimizing jiggle and creating a more hourglass figure.
  • Boost Confidence: Feeling confident in your clothes is priceless. This means that you will feel polished and put-together.
Choosing The Perfect Shade

When you want to buy the tummy control thong bodysuit, you have to be careful about the shade. It is better to go for nude and beige colors because they are closest to the natural skin tone. It will ensure that your bodysuit blends with the skin and doesn’t show. In simpler words, it will make the shapewear look invisible. For instance, this bodysuit by Feelingirl will look amazing under white clothes.

Tummy Control Thong Bodysuit

Fabric is Important

Not all shapewear is created equal. For white clothing, choose a lightweight, breathable fabric. This will prevent moisture and discomfort, especially on hot days. Consider seamless styles to eliminate any visible panty lines.

Shapewear Options for White

If you need some ideas of what to wear under your white clothes, Feelingirl has a lot of options and we are sharing some below!
  • High-Waisted Briefs. This is a versatile option that offers tummy control and smooths your hips and thighs.
  • Bodysuits. Bodysuits provide all-over shaping, including the back, chest, and arms. You should choose a low-back option if your white top has a plunging neckline.
  • Thong Shapewear. You should avoid visible panty lines with a thong style. However, ensure the material is comfortable enough for extended wear.
Shapewear Options for White

Styling Tips

Now that you know what kind of shapewear you can wear under white clothes, we are sharing some styling tips.

Full Bodysuit Underwear
  • Shapewear should hold you comfortably, not restrict your movement. If you're between sizes, opt for the larger size to avoid a bulging effect.
  • Look for shapewear with padded cups or a bra lining to minimize the need for additional layers under white.
  • If your white outfit is sheer, choose a control slip with a full bodysuit underwear made from a lightweight, mesh fabric that provides shaping without adding bulk.
Now, are you ready to start wearing shapewear under white clothes?
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